Rules Update 27/05/2021

- Recently Added RULES 27/05/2021
16. Abusing and harrasing certain player systematically is forbidden. Let's say you go on abusing/insulting and harrassing certain player for 24 Hour's or any time you see him. This is forbidden! You have the right to kill people on bosses, event's and e.t.c. but systematically abusing and harrassing will lead to 1-3 Day ban for your character. This does not mean that if you kill someone 1-2 times during the day this will lead to your bann, it means that if you go and kill the guy all the time not letting him to grow in our server it will lead to punishment! We don't think its cool to abuse other players / insult them and harras them all the time and make them quit! We all want to grow and this is kinga getting frustrating.
- Example for the harressment: Let's say Porny goes and kill all day Kratos and in the meantime he is insulting him on PM because he is weak and e.t.c. Okay that's not a proble if you just do it 1-3 time's, but if i keep doing it for hour's and Kratos sent us proof of that it will lead to banning Porny from 1 to 3 Day's depending on the insults and e.t.c.
17.As you all know we all have NON-PVP Server, however there is not verry crowded with active people (Mostly AFK'ers) and the new players want to play in the PVP so they can have chat conversations as in PVP have more active players. As of today the rule for PK-ing new players is applied.
- It is strongly forbidden to kill characters 15 Resets under your current Resets and harras them, not letting them grow in our server! Let's say im 35 Resets and Kratos is 20 Resets, if i systematically kill Kratos not letting him grow in our server it will lead to a ban from 1 up to 3 Day's.
- You need to sent us proof like screenshots in different time that the current user was harrasing you during the day. However if he is just harrasing you for first time make one screenshot from today and if keeps doing it make a bunch of screenshots in the next day that the certain players has killed you more then 3 times during the day.
- This rules applie's only if certain player killed you more then 3 Times!

2021-05-27 11:26

Update 23/05/2021

-Max Resets Increased +5 (To 35 Now)
- Master Level Increased +25 (To 175 Now)
- Newbie System Updated: Check it here.

- Check our Skill / Scroll Drops and E.t.c.

- Check our Drop List Here.
- Check our Character Formulas Here.
- Check full server information Here.

2021-05-24 12:57

Update 20/05/2021

- Added small drop for excelent items in the current maps:
- Devias
- Dungeon
- Losttower: 1-7
- Atlans: 1-3
- Tarkan: 1-2
- BC: 1-3

2021-05-20 13:40

Update 16/05/2021

- Reset Increased: +5 (max 30 now)
- Master Level Increased: +25
- Newbie System Increased Untill 25 Resets (More Exp 250x, 5Mil x Reset Number)

2021-05-16 22:32

Update 09/05/2021

- Max Resets Increased to: 25
- Max Master Level Increased: +25
- Added 20 More Quests
- Added Golden Invasion Box +4: 5 Units.
- Added guide if you have any issues running the game. Check it Here

2021-05-09 22:46